Posted by: mting | 17th June, 2009

Our first month

Oddones got married on May 17, 2009, which was just a month ago!

After our honeymoon at Maldives, PK went back to california, and MT stayed in HK. It means that 25% of time after our wedding day was staying together, and 75% we are apart.

The past three weeks was not easy. 牽腸掛肚,一天不見如隔三秋.

Though  H1N1 is getting more popular in California, how can I not come to see him?

Happy one month celebration for ourselves! Thanks for waking up early everyday to ichat with me. Thanks 🙂



  1. [Quote]牽腸掛肚,一天不見如隔三秋.[/Quote]

    Both of you, literary talents.

  2. You are too welcome. There is a lot of improvement I could make. Those two phases, however, are what I feel thus I can write them down. Not the others, I am afraid.

    Thanks again for your compliment.

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