Posted by: P. K. | 24th September, 2008

This is journalism

A mainland Chinese depositor, holding a bag and identifying himself as Mr. Zhang, said he had withdrawn HK$1 million. “I came down from mainland China this morning to get some money out of my account,” Mr. Zhang said outside the bank’s headquarters, with a line of depositors stretching around the block.

“I wasn’t aware of the news Bank of East Asia is in trouble, I just wanted to get some money out. I came to get around HK$40,000, but when I realized the situation with the bank, I got HK$400,000.” Asked why he had just lowered the amount of money he claimed was in the bag, Mr. Zhang said: “I don’t want to get robbed.”

— Amy Or and Jeffrey Ng, Bank of East Asia Depositors Queue for Funds after Rumors,

Now this is journalism. Applause goes to the journalist who asked the follow-up question and the editor who allowed this exchange to go with the story.


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