Posted by: mting | 14th March, 2008

Adrienne Lau

Could not imagine that Adrienne has joined the US entertainment industry for 4 years. Adrienne, who was one of our classmates, has become really famous in US!

She does not sing very well, or dance. We did laugh a bit on Adrienne during the school mates gathering on her over-exposed clothings. After so many years, when seeing her went into Top 10 at Billboard, I am really happy for her.

This little girl should have face pressures from all around the world. She appears like an American much more than the 2nd or 3rd generation ABC. Even Coco Li, or Edison Chen, or Fiona Sit, those who claim to be brought up in the States or go to HKSI, they are not as American as Adrienne. Just 3 years of university life at UCLA, she became so American! How could she transform in such a magic way? 

Adrienne must have worked really hard to get into the US entertainment industry in such a short time. She is really a legend. 


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