Posted by: mting | 12th March, 2008

Six Feet Under

Finally finished “Six Feet Under”. 5 seasons.

It added the greyness to Xi’an during those dirty snowy days. After every-day wartime, hungry and tired, and the upper muscles got all strained, still, I would watch 3 episodes per night at the hotel till 02:00am. “Six Feet Under” was very grey, very upset, but just could not stop watching it.

I hate death as everyone does. I was full of fear when my father was sick. I was so much afraid of death, and had screamed and cried when the grey pet rabbit passed away. How could I handle if one day my dearest father left us?  Those days were really difficult – when lastly needed to face it. Still, am feeling it’s very difficult.

Life is so fagile, oh, there was a dead baby abandoned in Central.  From “Six Feet Under”, all were those fragile and sad stories. It was so sudden when Nate, the leading role at the series, nearly died after an affair with his step-sister. The strange part was he woke up at the hospital, then at the night, he died suddenly with his brother fell asleep next to him and his mother was camping with her ex. People thought he will die at the first place when he fainted away after the affair, and he did not. Then when he looked okay, he died peacefully. So unexpected and so much like a life. Things always happen too unexpectedly.

I do think about to watch the whole series one more time, one more time when I am less sentimental to lives.


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