Posted by: mting | 12th November, 2007


Going to shanghai is an all sudden decision. A quick decision yet a late one. As a shanghainese, who cant hear and speak the dialect, has been longed going to the hometown. Finally, I am here.

I was impressed when shanghai surrounded me at the east pearl tower. Classical shang-hai-tan buildings listed at the bund, while the modern office buildings were built intensively at the pudong side. There were also a lot of constructions going on. Shanghai is flying fast.

At 80’s, hong kong’s economy was booming in a ‘dragon’ way. While shanghai today is booming in ‘9-dragon’ ways. Xin Tian Di has caught up Lan Kwai Fong in terms of price (but not services). There is also Times square, and in the future will have an IFC. There are also Zara and H&M. I am sure Lao wai who used to live in hong kong prefers living in shanghai instead of hong kong. The bottomline reason is at least they are not called as ghost anymore, and they are regarded as king / queen from locals.

It looks like everything is great. However when we talked to the taxi driver, about  the government scheme of rebuilding old areas, he told us, “as Lao ba shing, life is hard. RMB200K will be given to the old area resident for each flat, but then they would not be able to live in the city center again as flat is too expensive. They need to move to far far away… Well, city center is only for the people who can speak english.”

Sad to hear that. The high-speed economy has sacrificed the locals of lower education level.


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