Posted by: mting | 17th July, 2007

Summer Fantasies

There are a lot of good memories that happened in Summer. Even though, I have been working full time for 4 years, so much I miss the summer holiday. I remembered the days when I was still a primary school student, of 131 cm height, primary 2, sitting next to the window, looking at the clouds, imagining that cloud was a marshmallow, while birds were singing, wind blew into the classroom… It was the memory when summer just started and exam period was going to start soon. It was such a nice moment that was so easily to be retrieved.

Just now what I did, went back to hotel room, eating dumpling, and looked at the hills opposite to me, clouds are moving slowly and elegantly above.

Summer is nice. Especially when the Sun is high above the sky, giving passion to this world while making people lazy.

Before summer holiday, when we were high school students, we were all so lazy. Attending those curricular activities without knowing what those are. Playing mini games, preparing the talent quest, walking on that quiet corridor outside staff room, with that long shadow following us. If you sneezed at those windows at the corridor, leaves of that mango tree was dancing, with different color code of green while the sun was shining on them…

So lazy, so relaxing.

One of the best memory in my life, which I was written at my last page, was seeing a lot of fishes jumping at the deep water bay. That shinny moment when the fishes jumped outside water, and that ‘saaaa’ sound they have made accidentally. It was so nice and so nature.

Those are the days that mom, pa, lori and myself went swimming at deep water bay every day in the summer. We swam in the sea, we dived from the floated platform. Lori and pa dived into the sea and would collide with their heads just like dolphin… Afterwards, we went to have a bowl of taiwanese noodles at happy valley…

It is not hard to be happy, when it is summer, and when your beloved ones are there, with you.


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