Posted by: mting | 4th July, 2007

Living thing

Before I continued with the Singapore post (most likely I won’t), let me quickly finish this post, thus I could go and pack for the zhuhai trip.

When we (SMCS students) were still primary 1 students, we started studying english version of science. The first chapter is around living things and non-living things. Somehow, this term “living things”, seems that I never hear people say that again after primary 1.

 Is there a better term to describe myself as something which is currently living?

 Today I really felt great to live in this world. Every day could be very dull, work / sleep  / eat / shopping / spa / computer games. Nearly routine for me. Tonight’s show of Christina Agureila was really great. Feel that everyone are ‘living things’. I am not sure if that’s an A-grade good show, or B-grade, everyone went there could feel that Christina is trying to make a good show. Ki told me that Christina was one of the girls under FHM sexiest girls, and I could see how sexy she could be only when she was on the stage!

 I seldom see a woman, whose posture is so feminine, just like she is from another part of the world (who she does). Her curly hair is so wild, a lion kind of style.  When she blinked her eyes, seems she was seducing people… Of course she sang really well. She was like a human amplifier.

 It was great that we bought tickets and watched the show. Imagine if we didnt watch it and die away, and we missed the chance to see one of the world-famous entertainers… I know I will regret it at another world.


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