Posted by: mting | 25th June, 2007

Singapore – 1

Just back from Singapore. Looked at the immigration chops for this trip, exact entrance date to Singapore was Jun 23, and the departure date was Jun 24. Arrived on Saturday midnight, and left at noon today. A quick trip, and a nice one.

I was lucky to have Da letting me to stay at her place. After so many months of departure, we finally sat down and talked a lot. Too busy for both of us to catch up. When she was more relaxed, I was busy with Pakistan project. While I was more relaxed before joining Morgan, she was very busy at her new role. Thus, this trip was very much like catching up all the topics in the past 6 months.

Catching up with a lot of friends was the most highlight of this weekend. Seeing how they are going, are they doing fine, etc. Some has changed or will change job, some are preparing for wedding, some are more tired or unhapy than before… One year could really change a lot.

Then the second highlight was about experiencing Singapore as to conduct a ‘non-qualitative in-house research’.

From self-experience, more people ‘wandering’ at Orchard Road, and people are still doing window-shopping more than actual shopping. Starting from July 1st, GST will be incremented from 5% to 7%, which I really worry if local people will consume unnecessities less. This tax incremental supposedly will only impact local and the tourists shall be exempted from it. Also, from what I know, there are more new malls (esp built near to the future casinos), and Singapore government is positioning Singapore as a shopping heaven. Just like I was told that Singapore was holding “Great Singapore Sale”…

I have to admit that I really like shopping. However, after a 6 hours shopping, I bought only a SGD15 top. Things are still more expensive than in HK. To be fair, there are good things about shopping in Singapore. More stocks / sizes are available. If I really like something, and I could not find my size in Hong Kong, it would be ‘nice-to-buy’ at Singapore. So, I am not the target of “Great Singapore Sale”. They are actually targeting tourists from Indonesia / Thailand / Philippines. In terms of purchasing power within Southeast Asia, strongest is still China. Though Hong Kong and Singapore are both positioning themselves as Shopping Heaven, maybe I am unfair, I will think Hong Kong is stronger at attracting retail consumption from local people and tourists.

Getting exhausted. Time to sleep. Next post will continue.


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